Ethiopic Gematria

The Ethiopic alphabet is a 'syllabary'—each letter represents a consonant + vowel (using the Unicode transliteration).

One form of Ethiopic gematria was to equate the Ethiopic characters with the phonetically equivalent Hebrew letters and their gematria values. This does have the advantage that (theoretically, at least) proper names will preserve their gematria values when transliterated between the two languages.

Ethiopic Alphabet

Name          + vowel 
a u i aa ee e o oa Hebrew Equivalent Gematria Value
hōi H ה he 5
lawe L ל lamed 30
ḥaut HH ח het 8
māi M מ mem 40
shaut SZ שׁ shin 300
re’es R ר resh 200
sāt S ס samekh 60
ḳaf Q ק qof 100
bēt B ב bet 2
tawe T ת tav 400
ḥarm X N/A N/A
nābas N נ nun 50
’alf א alef 1
kāf K כ kaf 20
wāwī W ו vav 6
‘ain ע ayin 70
zai Z ז zayin 7
yaman Y י yod 10
dant D ד dalet 4
gamel G ג gimel 3
ṭait TH ט tet 9
p̣ait PH פ pe 80
ṣadāi TS צ tsadi 90
ḍappa TZ N/A N/A
af F N/A N/A
pa P N/A N/A

Based on Mercer, Samuel; Ethiopic Grammar; Oxford 1920 (Amazon)