Hebrew Gematria Calculator

Type your Hebrew word or phrase using the keyboard equivalents below.

Or copy/paste Unicode Hebrew. (Unicode is the current standard for digitally representing text in virtually all the written languages of the world. The computing world has largely converted to using it. Unless you are copying text from an ancient web page, the text you are copying/pasting is likely in Unicode (UTF-8).

When doing gematria calculations, characters irrelevant to the gematria calculation are ignored (vowel points, spaces, punctuation, accent marks, etc.).

Q➔ק W➔ש E➔  R➔ר T➔  Y➔י U➔ט I➔ת O➔ע P➔פ/ף
A➔א S➔ס D➔ד F➔  G➔ג H➔ה J➔  K➔ך/כ L➔ל  
  Z➔ז X➔ח C➔צ/ץ V➔ו B➔ב N➔מ/ם M➔נ/ן    

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